Happy second anniversary, Big Dummy

Happy second anniversary Big Dummy

It’s been another amazing year with the Big Dummy!

The Big Dummy on her birthday

In keeping with last year’s Happy Birthday, Big Dummy, let’s take a look at some of the awesomeness of the past year, thanks to the amazing cargo bike:

The Dummy started her day with the usual school run, during which I learned if a guy in a stinky older truck rolls down his window at a red light and says, “How much for the bike, $1500?” the correct answer is not an approximate price including kid stuff, with hurried explanation of dynamo lighting. Next time: “I’ve seen a new Sun Atlas Cargo bike for $500! Add on stuff and go up from there.”

Once the kids were away at school for a few hours I headed off to an appointment. Normally, I’d ditch the Big Dummy and take my quick (and 55-pound-lighter) road bike, but several friends have lately mentioned they choose their cargo bikes for all trips, even when they’re riding alone. I started feeling a little guilty about neglecting the Big Dummy for such excursions so off we went on a 15-mile trek to Harbor Island and back. And it was fine. A cargo bike can certainly be an only-and-everything bike and maybe if I stopped scheduling appointments with as little time to spare as possible I’d start treating my cargo bike as such.

So here’s our anniversary ride:

Sandwiched between buses on 3rd, which is the least evil of all the evil downtown streets.

Biking with buses

Weaving through the detoured waterfront trail, around delivery trucks and spitting pedestrians (seriously, I missed getting spit upon by three seconds).

Waterfront trail detour

And scooting around five police cars–fortunately I couldn’t see an incident they were all there for. Maybe it’s just a convenient place to park?

Po po in the bike trail

And finally across the street and along the Bertha construction.

Detour route, the scenic side

And then back north again. East Marginal Way South isn’t the most pleasant of streets with so many big trucks blasting by, but I like the view of Downtown Seattle in the distance. That’s Starbucks Headquarters with the big flag at the far right.

Heading towards Downtown Seattle

With the bike empty of passengers, I could have taken 3rd back to preschool pickup, but I opted for my familiar gentle slope of Western–which I learned by following an un-e-assisted pedicab–they make for good route finding! The only problem with using Western is the ensuing one-block salmoning at Pike Place. I’ve heard a lot of Seattleites plea for the block to be closed to cars and allow delivery trucks only at certain times. Hear hear!

Salmoning up Pike Place

This is the block of Pine I opted to skip. It wouldn’t be so bad with the empty bike, but it’s not nearly as exciting as riding along Pike Place Market.

Not climbing Pine

The bike’s anniversary present will happen tomorrow in the form of a minor tune. I’m still thinking about our next steps in terms of kid containment. I thought about a Hooptie and decided it’s not for me, but now I’m toying with the idea of half a Hooptie. I wonder if keeping just the right rail in would be comfortable for the kids and still allow me to do everything I’m used to. I could use the left rail as a running board with the option to lock it in up high if needed. First generation Hoopties weren’t easy to take on and off, but I hear the new ones are. I’d appreciate any insight!

4 thoughts on “Happy second anniversary, Big Dummy

  1. Happy Anniversary BD & FamilyRide! You seem to have a very healthy, happy relationship and I wish you many many more years together! You are an inspiration just the way you are – keep it up

  2. I don’t know anything about the second generation hooptie, but we have the first gen. And yes, it was awful to install. Would half a hooptie feel as stable as having both sides up? Serious question, I really don’t know. Also, happy holidays!

    • I don’t think it would feel wobbly since it’s “grounded” at both the front and back. And I think the kid in the back would get used to just holding on with one hand when he’s facing forward (I could put a peg in the open hole to provide an extra hand hold at the front and back), but that leaves one brother-socking hand free to do damage. But moving the younger kid forward would probably remedy a lot of that. I hope. I think selling the Yepp could cover the cost of the Hooptie so I’m kind of excited about this! But also quite the procrastinator…

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