Archive | July 2008

Hot hot hot

Last time I was at Town Square I noticed a new water feature in the playground. I took Brandt to check it out today and he was a bit scared, but stuck it out for a while. We mostly played in the shady areas of the playground and I’m very proud of myself of lasting over an hour outdoors. That’s outdoors, over an hour, in Vegas, in July. Wow!

Driving home from Town Square I saw people out running and walking and thought I could handle even more punishment so after a nap, we rode the bike to a buddy’s house for a playdate. Ug, it was hard. It’s hard to breathe when it’s so hot. I felt like we were at high altitude. And then an hour after getting home we headed out on foot for the movie at The District. I don’t know what I was thinking! Actually, I was thinking the walk there would be a pain, but the walk home at ten wouldn’t be bad. But they were both bad. I’ve had enough outdoors time to last me the rest of the summer, I think. Bee Movie was cute, by the way. See you in September or October, bike.