Archive | October 2008

Bronze for baby

Brandt and I rode the 5 mile family ride of Viva Bike Vegas this morning. We came in third! Well, Brandt came in third and I came in fourth. Yeah, it wasn’t a race, but we made sure to stay in the lead group and came in behind a little girl and her mom. Brandt was by far the cutest participant.


We went to market by bike this morning. I rode the mamafiets with Brandt on the front and Fay on the back, Juul rode her stylish blue cruiser, and Marijne took Rien’s bike (I don’t know if it’s called a papafiets…probably not). Bakfiets are all the rage here now, but I’ll take my Bobike any day. Our purpose for hitting the market was fresh stroopwaffels (well, that was my purpose…the girls needed vitamins and new shoes). You may not believe this, but I was not too greedy to share my stroopwaffel with Brandt…but he ungratefully dropped his piece on the ground after making a face at it so I have suspicions he’s an alien replacement. Alien or not, he gobbled up a loempia later in the morning so he wasn’t undernourished.

Muis op fiets

Brandt and I are in the Netherlands! The mouse insisted on playing from three to four in the morning, but otherwise we had a good night, sleeping until 9:30 local time. We borrowed my cousin Marijne’s mamafiets (I’m not sure what makes it a mamafiets–it has hand brakes and gears so it’s a much better ride than an omafiets) and cycled to the train station to meet my friend Deirdre, coming in from Delft.

We did some eating and shopping and despite drizzling for our ride to town, the weather was beautiful (beautiful=sunny, but still very cold). We first stopped for a drink in Grand Cafe Brinkmann and Brandt played with a little dutch brother and sister until we were told to keep our kids off the floor. Brandt’s become quite the little lover and repeatedly hugged the little girl. He hugs properly, around the shoulders now…last week he was hugging his friends around the neck, so maybe more like choking. I (and the recipients) like this method better. Brandt took a nap soon after (chasing and hugging is tiring work) so he missed out on his first uitsmeiter, but once he woke up we found a herring booth. He wouldn’t eat the haring, but he did like stabbing the pieces with a toothpick, dipping in uitjes, and feeding to me. We’ll try again tomorrow.