Archive | December 2008

Chanukah/Christmas bike

It’s snowing so we had a white Christmas today. Delivery trucks have been stranded all over town, but luckily the bike I ordered came. It’s a little too big for Brandt (I just noticed it’s for ages three and up, oops!), but he seems ready for pedals and Dan rolled up a towel so he could sit far enough forward to reach them. It’s the Plan Toys Wooden Trike and it was 60% off and while it’s very cute, it hasn’t got much of a turning radius and it doesn’t pedal very easily.


Big news: we moved to Seattle the day before Thanksgiving. It’s cold here. We haven’t been brave enough to venture out of the house every day, but I figure we’ll toughen up.

With all this indoor time, Brandt has figured out how to steer his Radio Flyer Scoot About. He needs help getting over the lip into the kitchen, but otherwise he can scoot all over the first floor.