Archive | June 2009

Green Lake Open Water Swim

Today was more about swimming than biking. We all rode down to the lake so I could swim the one-mile event of the annual Green Lake Open Water Swim. It kind of feels like cheating, swimming while so buoyant.

Lake Washington Boulevard

Today we drove the bikes down to Seward Park for the weekly Lake Washington Boulevard bike ride. Every Sunday (Mother’s Day through September) cars are banned so families can bike up and down. There was also a small Family Biking Expo going on, with several cargo bikes available for test rides. We didn’t see anything new, but realized just how popular Xtracycles are up here. I let a mom test drive my bike, but she seemed to be leaning towards a Madsen so she could ferry four kids (four kids!) to school.

We rode through Seward Park to finish up the day and saw a kid fall off his little bike and hurt his elbow. This happened moments before Dan got a bug in his eye so the park will forever now be called “Elbow Eye Park” because Brandt keeps saying “elbow eye, elbow eye” (and sometimes “papa bug eye, elbow eye”).

Kidical Mass 2

This morning was the second Seattle Kidical Mass. We met up at a park in Ballard and made our way to Golden Gardens for a beach party. The water was freezing, but Brandt dashed around in the surf, getting his feet and hands wet.

The ride home wasn’t bad at all. I even made it up Stone Ave in one go and didn’t have to resort to my lowest gear. It’s funny that cycling up hills is fine, but walking up a flight of stairs makes me feel like I’m about to pass out. We even had energy to hit the park in the afternoon. Dan and Brandt did most of the running around while I lolled in the grass.

Twilight Crit

I drove two hours to Lyden for the Dutch Heritage Celebration this morning. It was fun, though there was no pickled herring in the Taste of Lynden section. The most unfortunate part is that I missed my nap so I was too tired to hit the Second Ascent Twilight Criterium. But Brandt napped on the drive home so he and Dan rode to Ballard for the race. They had a great time and I had a great nap so it all worked out in the end. And maybe next year we can watch Dan ride in the crit…he expressed an interest in someday doing “old guy racing.”