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Lake Washington Boulevard

Today we drove the bikes down to Seward Park for the weekly Lake Washington Boulevard bike ride. Every Sunday (Mother’s Day through September) cars are banned so families can bike up and down. There was also a small Family Biking Expo going on, with several cargo bikes available for test rides. We didn’t see anything new, but realized just how popular Xtracycles are up here. I let a mom test drive my bike, but she seemed to be leaning towards a Madsen so she could ferry four kids (four kids!) to school.

We rode through Seward Park to finish up the day and saw a kid fall off his little bike and hurt his elbow. This happened moments before Dan got a bug in his eye so the park will forever now be called “Elbow Eye Park” because Brandt keeps saying “elbow eye, elbow eye” (and sometimes “papa bug eye, elbow eye”).

Alki Beach

We found the greatest beach today! Alki seemed a bit too far for a bike ride so we drove over with our bikes in tow and rode once we arrived. It was the Summer Streets festival so the road was closed to cars, but even on a normal car-infested day, this is a great beachy area! It’s like Green Lake’s beachy dirty brother–it’s even got its own Duke’s and Spud to add to the family resemblance. It feels a lot like San Diego’s Ocean Beach, but slightly less dirty.

Kidical Mass

Today was Bike-to-Work Day and there were a ton of activities. We kicked off the day by hitting the Cascade tent outside Gregg’s Cycles for free stuff. Technically, it was a pit stop for people biking on their way to work, but I figure Brandt is my boss and I biked him there so I deserved the free bike light and Clif bars.

Next up was Summer Streets in Ballard at 4pm. I thought it would be bigger than it was, but it was still fun and Brandt got an Undriver License he’s really excited about and everyone got free bananas. And we saw the Dutch Bike Company’s seven-seat Conference Bike. It was OK, but I felt obligated to tell them it wasn’t quite as cool as the similar bike I saw in Amsterdam a few years back that had more seats and several kegs in the middle.

Then the best part: Seattle’s first Kidical Mass! We met a bunch of other families at a park a block from Summer Streets and we all rode along the Burke-Gilman Trail to Gasworks Park for the purpose of increasing the visibility of family biking on Seattle streets. It was really fun and will hopefully be a monthly event. This was also our first visit to Gasworks Park and wow, it’s cool! It was great for boat viewing so I’ll definitely have to bring Brandt back down there. I’m a little worried next time I ride back home up Stone I won’t be able to make it without resting halfway, though.