Archive | March 2009

Bike Expo

This afternoon we braved the off-and-on rain (better than the enormous snowflakes this morning) to attend the Seattle International Bicycle Expo. We were hoping to find a cheap Burley bike trailer, but they weren’t an exibitor. However, we saw some very neat stuff, like bike frames made of wood (!) and we got a lot of maps and in the kid zone Brandt got to play Pin the Wheel on the Bike and make a bracelet out of inner tube. We didn’t test drive the Madsen cargo bike, but Brandt found it fun to sit in.

Wobbler on wheels

Brandt and I went to W.O.W. (Women on Wheels) at Gregg’s Cycles last night so we could get free stuff and free food and meet Jennie Reed, Olympian and World Champion track cyclist. It was really fun, but we had to leave before the show was over when Mr. Molar teething toddler started chewing on bike tires.

W.O.W. inspired me to finally get the bike out of the garage and ride around Green Lake today. I only managed one lap because it was so cold my ears and hands got frostbite. Brandt’s ears were OK from the helmet, but his hands got pretty cold, too. Mittens for both and a hat for me next time.

I’m not sure where Brandt got the idea to ride his bike with xylophone/piano thingy. We saw lots of bikes at the show last night, but nothing like this.