Dog on the family bike

My first sentient bike passenger was the late Lyle, a chihuahua. Eons ago, he rode all over Isla Vista, tucked into my sweater with his head poking out the neck hole. His younger (she’s a sprightly 13) cohort, Bettie, had never had the pleasure of bike commuting until this week. I didn’t think she’d be cool in my sweater so I used the bungee net to secure her in a soft doggie carrier to my front basket. I won’t say she had a blast, but she was perfectly relaxed. Maybe I should let her poke her head out next time.

Dog on board

We traveled just seven blocks to the drop-in vet, but we got to do it twice since they didn’t have time to see her before kindergarten pickup time. Check out the sign: FREE CUSTOMER PARKING.


Naturally, that’s just for cars. Bikes either park at the bike rack of the neighboring business (and I didn’t want the bike that far away) or the glass-strewn tree out front.

Glass-strewn parking tree

Bettie got her fifth bike trip the following morning when I took her in sans kids. This time I opted for the old mamabike and just set her carrier on the front kid seat without bungee. It worked great, too. She stayed at the vet for a while to get an x-ray and I would have liked to pick her up with the little bike, but I had the three-year old along by then and didn’t think he would give up his front seat to Bettie and I didn’t want to stick her behind me so soon in her biking career. So she was back in the big bike’s basket.

Dog on the little family bike

Obviously, I don’t know as much about biking with dogs as I do biking with kids, but as luck would have it, I ran into Juliette of Hub and Bespoke this morning. She didn’t have her sweet doggie along, but here’s a photo from the bike counter launch party:

Doggie at the bike counter

Hub and Bespoke has carried dog carriers in the past, but don’t currently stock any. However, Juliette is happy to share knowledge and place orders.

Here’s a dog I saw recently, in a milk crate. I’m sure he’s happier than he looks.

Dog in milk crate

If you want to read a bit more about getting your furry friend on board your rig, I enjoyed Cycling Gypsies’ Dogs on Bikes, TreeHugger’s 11 Ways to Take Dogs on Bikes slideshow, and Amazon’s Best Sellers in Dog Bicycle Carriers.

Bettie has a recheck in two weeks so perhaps we’ll figure out an even better method for toting her.


4 thoughts on “Dog on the family bike

  1. love it! I dont have a dog, but my mom does and have learnt to love her so much, cat people can totally be dog people for moments :)
    mi friend KT has a similar basket to the one pictured above ( they are so cute, wish I could bring my cat along, everywhere

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