One last moving load by bike

We walked to and from school today, but got a little biking in when we shuttled the last batch of stuff over from the old house. Notable items in this load are the Park Tool bike stand (not as heavy as I thought it’d be), water play table, Christmas tree stand, and our two skateboards.

Last bikemove load

Today’s miles: 0.2
April miles: 273.9

5 thoughts on “One last moving load by bike

  1. I love it. That is so impressive! I don’t have a ute but I’m planning to pull a Travois-style carrier behind my plain ‘ol bike.

    I’m moving tomorrow, but alas I will not be able to do it by bike. I’ll be coming home to Seattle from Sandy Eggo.

    • Well I have no excuse–we moved a mere 400 feet and didn’t do it by bike! Have a good move and welcome back! We came from SD, too! I like the look of Travoises.

  2. Travoises are excellent for carrying those huge bundles of toilet paper. :-) I can carry most of our purchases in plain ol’ panniers, but I need that travois for hygienic purposes!

  3. Would you agree with Emily Finch that having the kid seat on your tail made it easier to strap the skateboards to your bike? She keeps telling me that the reason I can’t strap the crazy things to my rack that she does is because I don’t have a vertical surface.

    • Yeah–I think having two different surfaces helps. When I brought it to Bike Expo on my little mamabike and only bothered strapping it to the top of the rear basket it shifted quite a bit and eventually started sliding off: But you might be able to add something little (can’t picture what–like a peg of some sort?) to help both station it in place and attach a bungee to. There’s gotta be a way.

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