Earth Day Kidical Mass Green Ride

While our big kids soccered, Julie of and I biked our little kids to Ballard Commons Park to hit the bouncy house and bike decorating before the Spokespeople Kidical Mass ride. Car-free Julie carried both kid bikes and the rest of her family arrived after soccer via bike + Burley Piccolo trailer bike. I only carried my little guy’s bike, though the new 20″ kiddie bike didn’t quite fit in our car–Mr. Family Ride held the trunk closed with a bungee cord. Boo us. Yay bungee cords. Yay bikes!

Riding with Julie and extra bikes

Despite just learning how to pedal for the little one and riding pretty on the bigger bike for the big one, both my guys forgot everything and couldn’t get going so we left the kid bikes locked up at the part and they played passenger for the three-mile Kidical Mass ride.

I’m usually leery of stops in the middle of kid-oriented rides because it can be hard to get restarted, but today’s ride was great! Our first of two stops was at a RainWise house where the kids eagerly listened to Julia Field of Undriving explain rain gardens.

Kidical Mass RainWise stop

Then the sun broke free of the clouds when we reached the SolarizeNW home. Kismet.

Kidical Mass SolarizeNW stop

So it turns out our three-speed Danish Mosquito doesn’t currently have three speeds. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I should have made sure it worked when I got it.) I was a little grumpy about lugging the kiddie bikes around when they didn’t use them so rather than drag them both uphill, we dropped the Mosquito off at Recycled Cycles, conveniently at the bottom of the hill. The sticker on the frame says “Aluminum Super-light” but that beast is as heavy (and solid!) as any kid bike.

Wheeling the Mosquito into the shop

I love seeing little bikes on big bike stands.

Mosquito in the stand

As well as big people sitting on little bikes. He’ll have to call tomorrow to see if he can find a replacement cable, so today only saw the grips adjusted…but at least I could leave it behind at the shop.

Mosquito grip adjustment

Speaking of truly light kid bikes, Recycled Cycles has a used 18″ Redline Micro Mini (like this, but older). Weights 11.5 pounds! It’s a beautiful little bike.

The kids organized the free reflectors and moved on to making music with seat tubes. So much fun stuff for kids in the parts bins!

Music in the bike part bins

Today’s miles: 13.3
April miles: 273.7

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