Riding with Critical Lass to Pedaler’s Fair

Last year we rode to Pedaler’s Fair with Kidical Mass which was great fun, but I didn’t get to spend much time at the fair. So this year we organized a Critical Lass ride over, which I intended to do sans kids. The ride worked great, the fair worked great, but the leaving the kids behind part didn’t. Oh well. But we started the day right with a stop at Dutch Bike Co for coffee (coffee!) and cookies.

Treats from Dutch  Bike Co

The fair was at the Underground Events Center in Belltown which is tricky to access with a pleasant route. We met at the Locks and used the West Thomas Street Overpass since everything else is so steep. We stopped at the Seattle Center for lunch–and to disguise the fact that we climbed uphill only to head back downhill into Belltown. No one complained so I think it worked! The woman riding the single speed beach cruiser even said she was encouraged to start biking around Seattle (this was her first time on her bike since moving from Southern California). I’d forgotten Whirligig was going on in the Armory so there was a bit of kid pushback during lunch, but we made it out. Here’s the whole route we took:

Again, I didn’t get to really experience Pedaler’s Fair, but third time’s the charm–I’ll make it over solo next year, I’m sure. The kids were very excited about the temporary tattoos (so much so that later at the Seattle Art Museum Earth Day Celebration they wrote temporary tattoos! on the “What would you like to see at SAM Earth Day next year?”).

Temporary tattoos at Pedaler's Fair

The bike behind the kids was fascinating–and that was before I noticed the brake. A foot lever pushed the rear fender onto the wheel to [hopefully] stop the bike.

Freak bike at Pedaler's Fair

Also outside was Bikelava – Artisan Peddled Baklava with regular and new chocolate almond hazelnut flavor. Yum! The kids are pretending to air up Frosene’s tires with Robin’s pump. Always a good distraction.


Inside we saw bikes, dogs, accessories, and stickers. Here’s Haulin’ Colin grabbing me a replacement spring from a Rolling Jackass centerstand. The one he’s handling is his new model for Kona Ute longtails. The RJ is seriously the best part of my bike. And I’m not the only Big Dummy rider to say that. In fact, the burly kickstand enabled me to leave the kids out on the bike while I ran into Dutch Bike Co for our morning treats.

Rolling Jackasses at Pedaler's Fair

Today’s miles: 18.8
April miles: 259.4

2 thoughts on “Riding with Critical Lass to Pedaler’s Fair

  1. I’d swear someone on Liz Canning’s Less Car/More Go facebook group asked about a center stand for a Kona Ute… maybe it was a MinUte? I was surprised you hadn’t piped up about HC and his RJ but then thought they must only be for BDs.

    Look at me throwing around the terms like I know what the heck I’m saying!

    If you happen to run into the owner of that bakfiets again, would you ask about the box cover? I need to do something to cover cargo when we don’t have the rain cover on… assuming the sun ever comes back. I’d like to know if the material it’s made out of is worth the cost of importing one. Or maybe Dutch Bike Co still has some? If not, I may just get the canvas tent, etc. mfg that’s a few blocks away make something that will work with the snaps that Blaq added to my box.

    Yeah, I’ve got snaps on my box. I’m tough.

    • Hmm…well I mentioned the new RJ in a recent Kona Ute comment on (R)PM, but it sounds like there was probably an older one I missed! That bakfiets is the shop bike at Dutch Bike Co so it’s probably straight from the Netherlands. I’ll ask about it next time I am there, but you might get an answer quicker calling or emailing them :) Awesome that you have snaps! Ohmigosh, I bet you can snap all kinds of things to the outside of your box! And bike costumes! Get on it!

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