We hid out from today’s rain at MOHAI (Museum of History & Industry), where Jen of Loop-Frame Love saw my bike parked outside and found me inside–hey, another version of friends running into friends thanks to bikes.

On the way home the rain let up for ten minutes and during those measly ten minutes we decided to check out Marsh Island, adjacent to the former MOHAI site.

Marshy Marsh Island

Surprise, surprise: Marsh Island is a frickin’ marsh.

I read ahead of time that bikes must be walked over the footbridge, but the path itself is made of wood chips (and the submerged portions are made of water) so nothing was bikeable. I pushed the bike along while the kids hiked ahead until I declared it too soggy.

Marsh Island footbridge

We’ll be back, but only after a string of dry days. The 520 widening project won’t spell the end of Marsh Island, but I’d imagine it’ll have an impact so we’re hoping those dry days come soon. Ha.

Today’s miles: 11.8
April miles: 240.6

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