Big box on my bike

Today’s Family Ride post on Seattle Bike Blog was Gotta haul something that won’t fit in your car? Call your friend with a family bike! in which I toted a big empty box for my friend.

Box on the bike

It’s been up 9 hours and while I didn’t expect it to generate oodles comments like My least favorite intersection, I’m a tad disappointed no one pointed out my dragging strap. I’ve learned not to tell Mr. Family Ride about my endeavors ahead of time (though I know his “That looks sketchy” is always said with the utmost affection), but when I showed him the picture last night, he immediately zeroed in on said strap. Apparently I could have caught it on a large stick or a manhole cover and gone down in flames.

I was just happy to have remembered to bring scissors down to the garage to finally free my not-so-new-anymore ratcheting tie downs from their container. But I didn’t think I needed to waste time reading the instructions (since I didn’t actually remember the scissors and had to run back in the house while the kids fought over the standing bike pump). So the box is held in place with two tie downs, not ratcheted in place, but rather knotted to various parts of the bike. And one trusty bungee cord for good measure. All made possible by the Xtracycle WideLoader under the box. Props to Matt of Tacoma Bike Ranch who both introduced me to the idea of tie downs and sold me his extra WideLoader for super cheap.

And now I know how to ratchet my tie downs…so lemme know if there’s anything you need help hauling!

14 thoughts on “Big box on my bike

    • Thanks Travis! I got lucky–they rarely smile for me, but I think they were pretty excited about the big box. We got a thumbs up from an SUV driver who was stuck behind us for half a block and several happy shouts from pedestrians and bike riders. Makes me want to tote big boxes every day!

  1. Just love it! We have a big old stepladder that we use for picking apples. I jam something toward the front of the wideloader, so the ladder sits at a diagonal to the frame & gives me enough clearance to pedal. The other side we load up with apples.

    • Funny, I don’t know what was originally in the box! It had two previous owners who used it for storing various items. And now the preschool children will transform it into something magical. But more importantly: how exciting that a mamachari is making its way to Europe!

    • Yeah! Yeah! Although all the cars were extra nice to me this day. Even after dropping off the box so many drivers made eye contact and smiled. A very odd (though nice!) day.

  2. Don’t worry about the straps. Mine drag all the time. Rather than sketchy, my first thought was “she’s so awesome and I love and miss that woman!” Wonderful picture and I agree on the intersection. It’s amazing how mad the drivers get when you pull in front of them in the box. It’s as if SDOT put these boxes in and didn’t bother to tell anyone how they work. Imagine!

    • Heh, you *are* always dragging stuff behind. We miss you guys, too! I generally just stay parallel with the bike lane, but I should pull a bit to the left in the bike box where I belong–see, I don’t know how to use them, either! I’m hogging the spot of the bicyclist proceeding straight when I’m turning left.

  3. I’m stoked you like ratchet tie-downs! I happened to get the endless kind (no hooks on the end) which if not these are very similar:

    Since I have that giant wood box, straps without hooks work better for me. I was quite proud that I remembered to be careful of the steering rod when I put the straps under the box. That would’ve been my down in flames moment.

    I’d bet that you had a different posture or something ever after the box had been delivered and that’s what the drivers were subconsciously responding too.

    • Hee–thanks! I swear I wasn’t searching for a pink template; I wanted something that could accommodate bigger images because I don’t like having to click to enlarge (personal annoyance issue). It’s even two degrees *less* pink than the default!

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