First visit to G & O Family Cyclery

Look who’s open: G & O Family Cyclery: “A Family and Cargo Bike Shop For Seattle!”

G & O Family Cyclery is open!

I am not the only Davey Oil fan who is super excited about this! I have just one complaint: the lighting in the shop is not great for iPhone pictures so everything’s a bit blurry. This was a soft opening, by the way, so things are still being unpacked and assembled. We went in at 12:30 and I bet things looked much different by 6pm. I can’t wait to see the progress when I swing by tomorrow for a second look.

G & O Family Cyclery

G & O Family Cyclery

G & O Family Cyclery

I love this wall full of treasures!

G & O Family Cyclery wall of treasures

The place is amazing. Also amazing is that their opening was put on hold just less than a month after an unfortunate fire. I came by yesterday mid-morning to deliver our old train table and the place was empty. That was pretty fun :) This is the train table I worried wouldn’t fit in the trunk of my car when I retrieved it from its former family four years ago. It was no problem with the bike. I could have even fit my other kid had he not been in school.

Train table on the bike

Train table on the bike

Train table on the bike

Train table on the bike

My Yuba cargo straps were perfect for holding it on the bike. They were in my Portland DRT (which I aim to finally write about soon!) goody bag and they are so easy to use.

The train table is a gift, but the tracks and trains are just loaners (so if you have spares, check in with Davey and he’ll probably want them! …but I get to help with the track layout) except for one very special tanker car I found in our collection. This one stays at G & O for sure.

G & O train table car!

We left G & O with a Brompton! Well, an empty Brompton box to be exact. I’ve got plans to turn it into a train costume. My days of dressing the kids in bicycle infrastructure costumes for Halloween are sadly over.

[Empty] Brompton [box] on the bike

Someday I’ll buy a real Brompton from G & O. I’m looking forward to test riding one soon. And then test riding my Big Dummy with a Brompton in each pocket.

If you’re in the area, pop in and check out G & O!!
8417 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

Fun with boxes in G & O Family Cyclery

7 thoughts on “First visit to G & O Family Cyclery

  1. Though my Yuba Boda Boda is my kid hauler, I got a Bromoton this fall to ride alone. My Boda Boda is a bit if a big rig (even if it is only mid-tail), so it’s super nice to ride with minimal weight once in a while.
    Having said that , I don’t think my local bike shop carries a kid seat for the Brompton. I expect G&O likely does?

    • I’ll ask about the kid seat today. As far as I know, everyone orders them individually as they’re a third-party product from abroad, but it’d sure be nice to have them on site!

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