Parading with friends on new bikes (part one)

There are a lot of new cargo bikes in town! G & O Family Cyclery just opened in Greenwood (our first visited blogged here) and is responsible for two friends’ new family rigs. Today we met with Elisabeth on her one-day-old Bullitt and Sara on her three-day-old Xtracycle EdgeRunner (and her husband, Dave, on his not-new, but awesome Dutch bike).

Parade start at G&O

We met at G & O and headed a couple blocks south to catch bike-friendly N 83rd (which is also called the Interurban just to make things confusing because it’s not the main Interurban we rode today) a couple blocks east and hop on the new Fremont Avenue Greenway. A bit over a mile later and we connected to the Interurban Trail.

Bike parade on Fremont Ave Greenway

Bike parade on the Interurban Trail

My original plan was to ride into Shoreline, but we decided to stop at Bitter Lake. This meant we only took one block of Linden cycle track (map of our route).

Bike parade hits a bit of the Linden cycle track

The five kids had fun at the Bitter Lake playground, even when the drizzle started. Elisabeth hung out in her Bullitt box to stay warm, but eventually we adults got too cold and urged the kids to call it a day.

Cuddled in the Bullitt box

This was just a practice parade as we’re waiting on a new bike addition to the stable and one other family bike that’s on the way. But for a parade planned the night before, this was great! And I like the route so I think we’ll do it again…with an indoor destination–Sky Nursery was my original plan, though we’ve never been.

Bike parade at Bitter Lake

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    • I know people who wish they lived in Eugene! And I wish to visit soon (well, soon when it’s warm)–I have a friend that recently moved there. I hear it’s flat so long as you’re not south.

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