Until we meet again, 30 Days of Biking

And that’s the end of another 30 Days of Biking. We biked a whopping 387.5 miles this month. More than the 350 miles last April, but while the quantity is exciting to make note of, it’s more about the quality. And we had some quality experiences this month! We got hard core multimodal with bike/bus trips all over the place, did some bike moving, used the car just once, and our most exciting cargo load was a tandem trail-a-bike.

Today was wonderful. Everyone on the Burke-Gilman Trail smiled at us…although there’s a slight chance they were all grimacing at the unexpected rain. Despite the drizzle, we had a great ride to school. Martina from Swift Industries pulled up alongside and slowed to our speed for a bit for a chat, we spoke with a woman on foot at a red light about how much we like biking everywhere, and we talked to a cyclist in the Fremont bike box who told us he normally pulls a kid in a trailer. Just an ordinary day, made extraordinary by biking.

Today’s miles: 9.4
April miles: 387.5

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