Readying for Bike to School Month

My last-minute preparing for Bike to School Month meant I got to take a surprise trip to the school district office in SODO to get permission to distribute my sign-up sheets.

School District Office

I was impressed to see there’s a bike rack and six bike lockers there–I had expected no bike facilities.

Bike rack and bike lockers at school district office

I took 3rd Avenue South and it was quite nice (though the Busway Trail/SODO Trail is two blocks to the east and even nicer)–not a lot of car movement (at this hour of the day, anyway) and hey, that crazy bus used to park by the Magnolia train yard!

3rd Ave S in SODO

The bike lanes connecting to Royal Brougham were nice–and OMG Amtrak shunting engine pushing a Sounder train car!

Bike lane in SODO

But I wish I’d taken Royal Brougham to the west instead of east because I ended up on 4th which is pretty busy–three lanes in either direction, no bike lane, and at this moment a big FedEx truck blocking the rightmost lane.

4th Ave S is not so nice

I moved a block over to 3rd before the awful dark bridge and shared space with bunches of buses. Seattle buses are great–very courteous and aware of bicycles and pedestrians. Until we get our downtown cycletracks, I think 3rd is the street I dislike the least.

Riding with buses on 3rd

Today’s miles: 14.7
April miles: 378.1

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