30 Days of Biking 2018: Day Nine

It’s April! That means 30 Days of Biking and biking every day and hopefully blogging about it each day.

We left home a couple minutes late so I took a more direct route to get to school on time. I’m still carrying my 10-year old on my bike until he realizes his foot isn’t sore anymore so it’s that much easier to navigate the busier streets. They both do fine following me, but I find it less stressful when I only have to worry about one extra set of wheels behind me. My 10-year old sits backwards to keep his weight as close to me as possible which also makes it easier for him to carry on a conversation with his little brother pedaling behind us.

Having the conversation going on behind me made me realize just how loud the direct route is. It inspired my latest post for my weekly family biking column on BikePortland: Humans, bike maps, and of course, Google: How to choose family-friendly routes.

After ditching the kids at school Pixie and I did a test run for the loop I’d like to lead for CycloFemme on Mother’s Day. I think it’s a winner! Having left yesterday’s parade balloon on my bike and showing up at a toddler-filled playground was not so smart, though, as I fled to a chorus of “I want that!”s.

Once I retrieved the kids, Pixie and I took them to the pet store for dog food and treats. And I learned my eight-year old is still in his “olden fashioned” photography period. And my 10-year old is pretty “I want that!” about the parade balloon, too.

April trips tracked on Strava
Today’s miles: 21.63
Total April miles: 205.21

#coffeeoutsideforher: The Finale

So #coffeeoutsideforher kind of fell apart again. First the long, cold winter had me too chilly and grumpy to keep it up and then my broken-foot grumpiness had me canceling everything nonessential (not that coffee and friendship isn’t essential!)

But we’re getting the band back together one last time!* Join me on Saturday, August 12th at 10am in Gas Works Park. We’ll be in the plaza area deep in the south part of the park. No need to bring anything and as always, everyone is welcome.

#coffeeoutsideforher: The Finale Facebook event page

*This needn’t be the last #coffeeoutsideforher! Someone should take over. Feel free to move the time and/or place, too!

#coffeeoutsideforher on Location This Week

Quick post to let you know that for THIS WEEK ONLY #coffeeoutsideforher is taking the show on the road to score some free coffee and doughnuts at the 2016 Light Up Your Ride event, sponsored by Commute Seattle and Washington Bikes:


The days are getting shorter and wetter, but that won’t stop you!
We know that with the right gear and some fuel, Seattle riders will make it out in any weather. Get your winter bike season started right, join Commute Seattle for the 4th annual Light Up Your Ride bike safety event.

This year we are partnering with Washington Bikes to co-promote the Ride in the Rain Challenge (#RideintheRain), a November bike challenge to build community and confidence during the rainiest month of the year.

Stop by on November 3rd between 7 am – 9 am for donuts, coffee, bike light demos and coupons from Velo Bike Shop, raffle prizes and bike safety swag.

I’ll be there at normal 8:30 a.m. #coffeeoutsideforher time, but you should go earlier if you’re so inclined.

And on a related note, it’s November! That means WA Bikes Ride in the Rain Challenge is on. If you’re a family biker, join one of the teams in our Seattle Family Biking Ride in the Rain Challenge league. There are still three slots on my Family Ride team as of this writing.

Learn more about #coffeeoutsideforher from all my previous #coffeeoutsideforher posts.

#coffeeoutsideforher is moving to 8:30 a.m.

Yes, #coffeeoutsideforher is still going strong! Just a quick check-in to let you know we’re shifting times: now at 8:30 a.m. (was 10:00 a.m.)

Thursdays 8:30 a.m.
Gas Works Park

Plaza in the southeast edge of the park
…or if it’s rainy at the covered picnic tables in the play barn at the east side of the park
Reminder on the @familyride Instagram every Wednesday

More about coffee outside in my original post and the February check-in post.

Here are some pictures from last week’s final 10am gathering…

We started out with a professional photoshoot:


Just kidding! We arrived to find a company taking fancy pictures at our spot. But they seemed to be finishing up so we hovered for a few minutes rather than relocate. We’ve also had to work around sports shoe photoshoots and Real World filming this summer. But usually it’s not so exciting.

We had a fairly big crowd with 11 attendees, including a family with a toddler, a visiting dad on a borrowed bike, and a guy from New York who happened to ride by on his Pedal Anywhere rental bike and we called over to join us.


Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, and there is no need to bring anything. Traditionally #coffeeoutside means everyone brings their own camp coffee setup and brews in tandem, but I’m happy to make coffee for everyone. Bring snacks if you’ve got ’em, or just help eat what’s there.

See you Thursday!


Lindsey Bikes!‘s bike looking lovely at our scenic spot.

Weekly #coffeeoutsideforher

Every Thursday I host a coffee outside, called #coffeeoutsideforher, though it’s not only for women.

Thursdays 10:00 a.m.
Gas Works Park, viewpoint in the southeast edge of the park
Reminder on the familyride Instagram every Wednesday

It’s not necessary to bring anything–I always have plenty of coffee and mugs, though the usual gist of #coffeeoutside is that everyone brings their campstove and coffee kit to make their own coffee (and yield a cool photo of all the various coffee systems).


I stayed until noon this time so it’s not necessary to show right at ten. The weather tends to dictate how long we hang out, but we’re always there at least an hour.


One more thing: The kids and I are out of town for Spring Break next Thursday, but I think #coffeeoutsideforher will still happen without me. It’s happened once before without me and it seems to have been going long enough that it has a life of its own!

30 Days of Biking stats:
April 7 miles: 26.2
April cumulative miles: 145.0

#coffeeoutsideforher check in

So, it’s been 20 weeks since my #coffeeoutside: For Her post. Time for a check in!

Still going strong, still every Thursday at 10:00 a.m., still open to all, but we’re meeting at Gas Works Park now–at one of the covered picnic tables in the play barn at the east side of the park. I post a reminder (or any changes) to my Instagram the day before.


If I make it to the park a little early I ride up Kite Hill to take in the view. Today was the most gorgeous day ever. (We even put a bird on it.)


Today started out small, but this #coffeeoutsideforher was our biggest yet with 10 people and 2 dogs all told!

Michelle and I arrived first and I learned she once wanted to be a food stylist. It shows! This will probably be the background for next week’s reminder Instagram (#caughtgramming!). She made those macarons, by the way, and they were SO GOOD.


Then Jesse came for the first time. He’s fairly recently back from a stint in Washington D.C. where he frequented the Friday Coffee Club.

And Alyssa came on her vintage Cycles Maino. Molto carino!


Bob came with croissants and answers to my bike touring questions. I can’t link directly to the post about the third and final round of the second annual Stoked Spoke Adventure Series on the Swift Industries Blog, so I’m going to paste Bob’s presentation here:

Wedding bound via Bitterroot and Big Hole
This route took me from Seattle to Bozeman, MT to attend a wedding. The first 5 days were on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and featured lots of sun, dirt, gates to climb over, missing trestles and one terrifying bridge crossing on I-90. At Rosalia we cut through the Palouse towards Lewiston where I followed the ACA Trans Am route through the Bitterroot and Big Hole Valleys. Lots of small towns, a few mountain passes, and one terrible thunderstorm later I arrived for a big ol’ party in Bozeman.
Start Ballard, WA
End Bozeman, MT
Milage 1021 miles
Duration 13 days
(my phone died twice so the GPS data isn’t totally accurate but the general gist is there)

And Jason Goods of Swift Industries came by on his Elephant Bikes National Forest Explorer. I love that bike! We’ll both be at the Seattle Bike and Pike Expo at R+E Cycles on Saturday.


Zanna arrived a little later than she meant to because she got sidetracked on her way over, investigating a stolen bike. And yes, that’s the Zanna of last year’s “Seattle Bike Blog: Bike theft hero spots stranger’s ride, returns it during victim’s costumed birthday bike ride” fame.


And then Kristine on her touring bike (and answers to more bike touring questions), Laura on her Brompton (who also rode to the top of Kite Hill to take in the view first), and Lisa on her Kickbike with a delicious cake.


Note: attendees are not required to bring food or anything else. There were just really good pickings today so I feel obligated to share (I brought caramelized-onion-infused cheese, salami, and crackers. And vanilla almond milk for the coffee). I always bring a bunch of extra mugs and coffee and am happy to make all the coffee.

Other coffees outsides
#coffeeoutside Wednesdays 7:00 a.m. at Madrona Park. Details weekly on @jdgesus’ Instagram

EPACC (En Plein Air Coffee Club) Fridays 8:00 a.m. at various locations. Tomorrow’s will be at the Ravenna Park picnic shelter.

#coffeeoutside: For Her

Thursday 10 a.m., Green Lake Park picnic table closest to Duck Island: 47.680563, -122.341339 (this week–time and place my vary next week)

Photo courtesy Maritess Zurbano

Photo courtesy Maritess Zurbano

Apologies in advance for causing confusion talking about #coffeeoutside during #coffeeneuring.

Coffeeneuring is a seven-week challenge during which one must get coffee from seven different coffee shops, by bike, and document it. New last year (I think) saw the addition of the “Coffee Shop Without Walls” rule which means one can #coffeeoutside during #coffeeneuring.

Coffeeoutside is making coffee outside, by bike, documentation optional.

Watch this cool video by The Path Less Pedaled for a taste. And look, there’s my friend Kelley! And Shawn of Urban Adventure League!

#CoffeeOutside – from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

I have no idea where #coffeeoutside originated. Feel free to tell me in the comments. I think Rob of Ocean Air Cycles was an early adopter. Most people think of him as a bike builder, but I think of him as the family biker with the world’s coolest-looking Burley Piccolo trailer bike. I particularly love his photos because he’s in Ventura, neighbor to my hometown Santa Barbara.

My own #coffeeoutside journey started with #coffeeoutside with Critical Lass last January. Twenty foolhardy women shivered at the beach with me while we ate snacks and made coffee.

#coffeeoutside with Critical Lass

Critical Lass #coffeeoutside

More #coffeeoutside happened during our many camping trips this summer. After three years of just one bike camping trip each summer, I made it out six times this year–as well as a four-day camp for Spring Break.

And now we launch #coffeeoutside: For Her. Two weeks ago three friends and I dropped our kids off at school and met by bike at a nearby playground picnic table for a lovely morning of coffee and snacks. I’m not very good at the whole self care thing, but *this* was *that*! I see what all the fuss is about now. So fun.

Last week there were just two of us. Still fun, on a pier in Green Lake.

#coffeeoutside on Green Lake last week

I did a bunch of recon this morning and have chosen this week’s spot–a picnic table west of the Green Lake Bathhouse. So join us on Thursday! I’ll probably only bother to advertise future #coffeeoutside events on my Instagram since that’s what jdgesus does for his Wednesday 7am Madrona Park #coffeeoutside (I made it to that one once; it was fun!) Bring a coffee cup and if you have coffee-making stuff and coffee, bring that, too. But I’ll have my stove and lotsa coffee if you just want to roll up with a cup. And I’ll probably even have extra cups just in case. And no, you don’t have to be a mom and have just dropped your kids off at school. You don’t even have to identify as female. Nor arrive by bike. We wouldn’t dream of turning anyone away.

#coffeeoutside location

Meet here:

#coffeeoutside spot

This won’t work as well once the weather turns so I also checked out the seven picnic shelters in Woodland Park (this stuff is all just “notes to self” for future reference, btw). Shelter 7 is the cutest by far, but there’s no running water and lots of broken glass.

Shelter 7

Shelter 2 is the best of the bunch and I think will become our regular spot. I had previously decided what makes a perfect #coffeeoutside spot is 1) running water, 2) shelter in case of rain, 3a) alongside water or 3b) gorgeous view…which usually means up a big hill. But after seeing our picnic shelter pickings, I’m adding 3c) amongst trees. This week’s spot is a short walk or ride to the Bathhouse Theater for water so it’s not ideal, but with the nice weather we’ve been having, I want to sit in the sun by the lake. I’ll try to recruit Thursday’s attendees to overthink this all with me and find the bestest future spot possible.

Shelter 2

Woodland Park