#coffeeoutsideforher check in

So, it’s been 20 weeks since my #coffeeoutside: For Her post. Time for a check in!

Still going strong, still every Thursday at 10:00 a.m., still open to all, but we’re meeting at Gas Works Park now–at one of the covered picnic tables in the play barn at the east side of the park. I post a reminder (or any changes) to my Instagram the day before.


If I make it to the park a little early I ride up Kite Hill to take in the view. Today was the most gorgeous day ever. (We even put a bird on it.)


Today started out small, but this #coffeeoutsideforher was our biggest yet with 10 people and 2 dogs all told!

Michelle and I arrived first and I learned she once wanted to be a food stylist. It shows! This will probably be the background for next week’s reminder Instagram (#caughtgramming!). She made those macarons, by the way, and they were SO GOOD.


Then Jesse came for the first time. He’s fairly recently back from a stint in Washington D.C. where he frequented the Friday Coffee Club.

And Alyssa came on her vintage Cycles Maino. Molto carino!


Bob came with croissants and answers to my bike touring questions. I can’t link directly to the post about the third and final round of the second annual Stoked Spoke Adventure Series on the Swift Industries Blog, so I’m going to paste Bob’s presentation here:

Wedding bound via Bitterroot and Big Hole
This route took me from Seattle to Bozeman, MT to attend a wedding. The first 5 days were on the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and featured lots of sun, dirt, gates to climb over, missing trestles and one terrifying bridge crossing on I-90. At Rosalia we cut through the Palouse towards Lewiston where I followed the ACA Trans Am route through the Bitterroot and Big Hole Valleys. Lots of small towns, a few mountain passes, and one terrible thunderstorm later I arrived for a big ol’ party in Bozeman.
Start Ballard, WA
End Bozeman, MT
Milage 1021 miles
Duration 13 days
Map http://ridewithgps.com/trips/3363705
(my phone died twice so the GPS data isn’t totally accurate but the general gist is there)

And Jason Goods of Swift Industries came by on his Elephant Bikes National Forest Explorer. I love that bike! We’ll both be at the Seattle Bike and Pike Expo at R+E Cycles on Saturday.


Zanna arrived a little later than she meant to because she got sidetracked on her way over, investigating a stolen bike. And yes, that’s the Zanna of last year’s “Seattle Bike Blog: Bike theft hero spots stranger’s ride, returns it during victim’s costumed birthday bike ride” fame.


And then Kristine on her touring bike (and answers to more bike touring questions), Laura on her Brompton (who also rode to the top of Kite Hill to take in the view first), and Lisa on her Kickbike with a delicious cake.


Note: attendees are not required to bring food or anything else. There were just really good pickings today so I feel obligated to share (I brought caramelized-onion-infused cheese, salami, and crackers. And vanilla almond milk for the coffee). I always bring a bunch of extra mugs and coffee and am happy to make all the coffee.

Other coffees outsides
#coffeeoutside Wednesdays 7:00 a.m. at Madrona Park. Details weekly on @jdgesus’ Instagram

EPACC (En Plein Air Coffee Club) Fridays 8:00 a.m. at various locations. Tomorrow’s will be at the Ravenna Park picnic shelter.

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