#coffeeoutside: For Her

Thursday 10 a.m., Green Lake Park picnic table closest to Duck Island: 47.680563, -122.341339 (this week–time and place my vary next week)

Photo courtesy Maritess Zurbano

Photo courtesy Maritess Zurbano

Apologies in advance for causing confusion talking about #coffeeoutside during #coffeeneuring.

Coffeeneuring is a seven-week challenge during which one must get coffee from seven different coffee shops, by bike, and document it. New last year (I think) saw the addition of the “Coffee Shop Without Walls” rule which means one can #coffeeoutside during #coffeeneuring.

Coffeeoutside is making coffee outside, by bike, documentation optional.

Watch this cool video by The Path Less Pedaled for a taste. And look, there’s my friend Kelley! And Shawn of Urban Adventure League!

#CoffeeOutside – PathLessPedaled.com from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

I have no idea where #coffeeoutside originated. Feel free to tell me in the comments. I think Rob of Ocean Air Cycles was an early adopter. Most people think of him as a bike builder, but I think of him as the family biker with the world’s coolest-looking Burley Piccolo trailer bike. I particularly love his photos because he’s in Ventura, neighbor to my hometown Santa Barbara.

My own #coffeeoutside journey started with #coffeeoutside with Critical Lass last January. Twenty foolhardy women shivered at the beach with me while we ate snacks and made coffee.

#coffeeoutside with Critical Lass

Critical Lass #coffeeoutside

More #coffeeoutside happened during our many camping trips this summer. After three years of just one bike camping trip each summer, I made it out six times this year–as well as a four-day camp for Spring Break.

And now we launch #coffeeoutside: For Her. Two weeks ago three friends and I dropped our kids off at school and met by bike at a nearby playground picnic table for a lovely morning of coffee and snacks. I’m not very good at the whole self care thing, but *this* was *that*! I see what all the fuss is about now. So fun.

Last week there were just two of us. Still fun, on a pier in Green Lake.

#coffeeoutside on Green Lake last week

I did a bunch of recon this morning and have chosen this week’s spot–a picnic table west of the Green Lake Bathhouse. So join us on Thursday! I’ll probably only bother to advertise future #coffeeoutside events on my Instagram since that’s what jdgesus does for his Wednesday 7am Madrona Park #coffeeoutside (I made it to that one once; it was fun!) Bring a coffee cup and if you have coffee-making stuff and coffee, bring that, too. But I’ll have my stove and lotsa coffee if you just want to roll up with a cup. And I’ll probably even have extra cups just in case. And no, you don’t have to be a mom and have just dropped your kids off at school. You don’t even have to identify as female. Nor arrive by bike. We wouldn’t dream of turning anyone away.

#coffeeoutside location

Meet here:

#coffeeoutside spot

This won’t work as well once the weather turns so I also checked out the seven picnic shelters in Woodland Park (this stuff is all just “notes to self” for future reference, btw). Shelter 7 is the cutest by far, but there’s no running water and lots of broken glass.

Shelter 7

Shelter 2 is the best of the bunch and I think will become our regular spot. I had previously decided what makes a perfect #coffeeoutside spot is 1) running water, 2) shelter in case of rain, 3a) alongside water or 3b) gorgeous view…which usually means up a big hill. But after seeing our picnic shelter pickings, I’m adding 3c) amongst trees. This week’s spot is a short walk or ride to the Bathhouse Theater for water so it’s not ideal, but with the nice weather we’ve been having, I want to sit in the sun by the lake. I’ll try to recruit Thursday’s attendees to overthink this all with me and find the bestest future spot possible.

Shelter 2

Woodland Park

3 thoughts on “#coffeeoutside: For Her

  1. So I’ve been reading your blog for quite a bit as prep for buying my own Big Dummy for carting around my two kids (replacing a Burley trailer). Lots of useful information, especially regarding the Rolling Jackass kickstand. Then my wife and I decided to visit Seattle with our Surly travel bikes and again your blog had great cycling advice. I thought I would keep a lookout for your pink BD, but the odds were slim we cross paths since it is such a large city, right? So last weekend when we were in town, during our very first hours in town we wandered down to the Zoo bar in Eastlake for a quick drink and I believe you randomly walked in? I would have said hi but my wife and I were about to leave as we were still on East Coast time. Anyway, thanks again for the blog. We especially loved taking the ferry to Bainbridge and biking to Frog Rock!

    • Ha, what are the odds!! That was indeed me. I was on my little Surly, locked to a NO PARKING sign around the corner (ha ha). I just looked at your photos–they’re great! Do you have a blog or Instagram? I haven’t figured out how to follow Flickr yet.

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