Kidical Mass to Swansons Hay Maze

[First of all, if your kids don’t have their hearts set on a hay maze like mine, attend the Celebration of Life for Jerry Baker at 1pm in Magnuson Park.]

But here’s what we’re doing on Saturday…
Saturday, October 17, 2015
1:00 p.m.
Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery
(8570 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103)
1.6 miles to Swansons
And back

Flying Bike is conveniently located a block away from G&O Family Cyclery which opens at 10am if you need bike stuff or train table time before the ride.

[update: I tested the route and will add pictures if I have a chance, but for starters, this is the route there and this is the route back.]

We’ll take a nice, slow, mostly-uphillish-1.6-mile ride to Swansons Nursery Hay Maze. I’ll do a route test before the ride, but just looking at Google Maps, this is what I’m thinking (and it certainly won’t take anywhere near as low as 12 minutes!):

  1. West on 87th
  2. North on 12th
  3. West on 90th
  4. North on Mary to cross Holman with the stoplight
  5. West on 95th
  6. North just a bit on busy 15th

I know many of you are more familiar with this area than I (we’ve only biked to Swansons a few times) so if the other side of the graveyard is more interesting–or if it’d be safer to stay on Mary longer and hit Swansons from the north–please let me know.

Psst…I happen to have insider information on the theme of this year’s holiday model train. Ask me at Flying Bike and I’ll tell you. It’s a good one! Maybe we’ll repeat this ride in six weeks for the Swansons Reindeer Festival if there’s any interest.

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