Loyal Heights Community Center kiddie bike parade

I felt like a bit of an interloper attending the Loyal Heights Community Center early 4th of July bike parade, but I love a parade and I wanted to get some decorating ideas for the upcoming Wallingford Kiddie Parade.

Since this is “summer” in Seattle, we hit the drizzly wading pool first. There were 30 kids in the cold water at one point, but it turns out most of them were there for a party and soon dried off to beat on a piñata. Here we are with our crew of three Surly Big Dummies, one Madsen bucket bikes, and one mountain bike/iBert/Burley Piccolo trailer bike.

Six of us (two families) braved the drizzle to hit Loyal Heights and we entered the community center to find a crit in progress–kids on bikes were zooming around the perimeter of the gymnasium in fast circles. We were able to make our way to the middle to the decorating tables and the racing kids were encouraged to stop their mayhem and we all eventually migrated outside for the parade. Despite the lengthy safety instructions, one little guy (in the middle of the photo below) snuck into the mix sans helmet.

The parade was very safe, too–kids were divided by bike type and released one-by-one to ride slow laps around the park. It was fun and cute, but everyone seemed to lose interest after their first lap and went in search of bounce house or popsicles.

I got my first look at a Gyrowheel. This little guy learned to ride his bike in two days. The Gyrowheel is only still on the bike because they don’t have a regular replacement wheel. I didn’t get a photo of it, but the family also had a cool rack atop their trailer for transporting the little bike.

See the Riding Reporter for more pictures of the fun event.

Today’s miles: 11
June cumulative: 367.6 miles

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