Spoke & Food 2012

The boys and I had a great time at Spoke & Food tonight. Leading up to the event, I’d been deciding between dining in Wallingford or Green Lake so we could enjoy a downhill ride back home, but we ended up opting for Pied Piper Ale House in Ravenna to meet Garett, the organizer.

From Spoke & Food:

The commitment is easy. All you need to do is to bike to and from one of our participating host restaurants on the evening of our event. Invite your friends or family to meet you, bring your neighbors, pack up your kids or go at it alone.

Each of our participating host restaurants have agreed to donate 20% of all of their patron revenues from the evening of the event directly to the local non-profit that we select each year. This means 100% of the funds raised via the restaurants will go to helping a local Seattle area non-profit.

This year’s 2012 Spoke & Food event will benefit the FamilyWorks food bank and resource center.

We hit the restaurant early to beat the crowds. This was Garett’s first year with a baby to bring to the event and he invited his entire PEPS baby group along. The rest of them walked over, but still impressive! There was a second group of baby friends there as well, so the place was packed with tiny activists. They were too small to appreciate the toys and play area, but my guys made good use of it.

I was particularly excited to realize I can bike to this part of Ravenna. I came along 65th Street and it wasn’t bad. There’s probably a less busy street to take so I’ll do some more exploring. Nearby businesses The Herbalist, Bagel Oasis, and Vios Cafe at Third Place are now back within my pedaling reach!

Today’s miles: 12.1
June cumulative: 340.8 miles

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