Fewer hills and more hills

I checked out a future Ballard Neighborhood Greenway and took 17th Avenue north from the Burke-Gilman Trail to Loyal Heights Playfield. It’s great, except for a steep (to me) block and a half between 65th and 70th. Next time I’ll jog west to 20th for the steep part and see how that works.

Our friends had a water table out so I had the opportunity to get creative with transporting wet boy clothing home. A bungee cord holding a nylon shopping bag behind the Yepp seat worked great.

We accompanied a family of friends toward home, making a family biking fleet: Big Dummy, Madsen bucket bike, and mountain bike plus Weehoo iGo. We took 75th Street east, which I think might be my street of choice…though it’s hard to tell when being paced up the hill by other bikes. 73rd seems to be the route of choice for many, but it’s crazy steep (to me) right before Greenwood.

We rode to El Chupacabra, forgetting today was Cinco de Mayo. So we didn’t get to have dinner out, but it was nice to have the hill out of the way early in the ride. Or so I thought. Two of us were of the opinion that longer, flatter routes are preferable, while the third adult opted to lead us on the most direct route home. This first involved inching down 65th from Phinney Ridge–a street I’ve taken before, but don’t find pleasant since it’s so steep and so narrow, and I wouldn’t drag a friend down it. Then we crawled up 55th to Tangletown–the same street I took on donut and balloon day and vowed never to take again. It can’t be universal for husbands to think the shortest route is always the best, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only biking mama whose spouse has a skewed view.

Today’s miles: 10.6 miles
May cumulative: 46.3 miles

2 thoughts on “Fewer hills and more hills

  1. I’m definitely guilty of occasionally leading my family on the less pleasant but more direct route. Sometimes I’m wiser than that though. I’m learning.

    • Good to hear there is hope! And not as bad when you’re carrying most of the weight. By the way, I love all the photos of your family on the bike camping trip! I’m trying to toughen up and join a trip myself.

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