Bike to Work Breakfast (and video!!!)

I started the day excited at the prospect to eat breakfast without kids for the first time in five years, but I left Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike to Work Breakfast a changed and inspired person.

This was my first (as well as most folks’) chance to see the video I was part of, Three stories from the road:

I’m still amazed they were able to piece my stammering and sweating into usable footage. All three segments are wonderful; I’m so lucky to have been part of it. Several people came up to talk to me afterwards about biking with kids, so mission accomplished (and ongoing)!

Cascade unveiled a few new programs, including the Advocacy Leadership Institute, which I’m very tempted to apply for, but given how close to hyperventilating I came standing in the crowded ballroom at the end of the video, I’m not sure I’m public advocate material. Still plenty of time to procrastinate about it…

Please see Cascade’s more detailed (and less clammy-handed) take on the event: Today’s 8th annual Bike to Work Breakfast

Today’s miles: 9.2 miles
May cumulative: 35.7 miles

5 thoughts on “Bike to Work Breakfast (and video!!!)

  1. Loved the video! It made me very homesick. I just found your blog and it’s great to see other mama’s out there showing their kids the world, by bike.

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