First Thursday

Today was the first time I was early for preschool dropoff, though just by a minute. The impetus: my father, who never learned to ride a bike, is visiting and I wanted to get out the door before he was ready to leave. This was to be my only bike riding today and I would have been sad to miss out–both to bank miles for the Group Health Commute Challenge and Endomondo National Bike Challenge and because I think the skipped exercise (especially on a crappy rainy day) would make for a grumpy mood. I brought the rain cover, hoping the toddler would want to try it, but I ended up just using it to keep our bags from getting wet. But that’s good, too.

The little guy rode home on the FlightDeck and was shielded enough by my body that he said I could go fast down the hill. My neighbor took a picture of us and wow, he looks tiny back there! But he sure does look shielded.

After preschool, we took advantage of First Thursday and visited the Museum of History & Industry for free. It’s wonderful and I can’t believe I’ve never been before. We came by car with my dad, but its Montlake location is accessible by bike. In September the museum will move to South Lake Union Park, one of our favorite parks, where it will be even easier to get to–not to mention easily accessed by solo-riding kids! The boys were particularly taken by the salmon butchering station. Ah, history.

Today’s miles: 4.4 miles
May cumulative: 24.5 miles

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