Toddler on the FlightDeck

I’m not ready to take the Yepp seat off the back of the Big Dummy, but the two-year old (three in July) is getting some time in his big brother’s seat on the FlightDeck. It started with half-mile trips from the grocery store, but yesterday he wanted to wear his little backpack so he rode on the deck the two miles to preschool pickup. And then again today.

He’s always going to seem tiny in comparison to his big brother so I’ll probably leave him in the baby seat until he hits the weight limit. It will be nice to be able to access the FreeLoader bags more easily, but it’s got to be a universal conundrum to see a younger sibling as a teeny tiny baby no matter his age.

Today’s miles: 5.4 miles
May cumulative: 20.1 miles

4 thoughts on “Toddler on the FlightDeck

  1. Why must the younger ones always hotdog it? It makes me want to keep mine in her seat even more.

    We have been getting a lot of “I’m a big girl” lately; I realized today that our daughter is now the age her brother was when she was born. She doesn’t seem that old.

    • Oh I know! The older kid suddenly grows up when the new baby arrives. I need to borrow a real baby for a day or two to appreciate how big the little guy is ;)

  2. We’ve been having the same experience, though my boys are 7 and 4. We need to keep the seat for now so they have some semblance of personal space. The 4yo had some good time on the deck this weekend. It was sweet to have him singing songs behind me, and I loved our shadow. But there were several hotdog moments during our rides.

    • Ack, that’s not what I want to hear! Although that hotdogging may come in handy if there’s a Fiets of Parenthood this year…in-motion longtail deck acrobats.

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