Welcome to Bike Month

Fresh off 350 miles for 30 Days of Biking, we started Bike Month with a bang: with our first preschool bike train! Three moms and three little siblings met up along the way for 1pm pickup. The nine of us were on nine wheels: my Big Dummy, a mountain bike plus iBert baby seat and Burley Piccolo, and a mountain bike plus iBert baby seat and separate 16″ kid bike.

I led us up Stone thinking it’d be nice to have the shallowest route as well as curb cuts the whole way. It wasn’t ideal, but we were headed to Green Lake so I didn’t want to go all the way to our usual Meridian. I think I’ll give Woodland Park Avenue a try next time–it’s a former street car route so the street is wider than most. The solo rider got tired four blocks from the top of the hill so I got my first chance to carry three kids (and a bike!). It was so fun, though I could certainly feel the extra weight. I didn’t want to give up my exciting extra cargo, but I let him off to do his own pedaling a few blocks after the street flattened out.

I checked out Ravenna Blvd for the first time since the repaving started. I wasn’t sure which side to ride on–the bike lane was formerly on the left side of the car lane, but it didn’t seem wise with an unmarked road. It’s not pretty, but it’s rideable–although I missed a construction sign that said something about bikes, perhaps “Bikes use alternate route.”

But then all was right in the world again as we got back to our Neighborhood Greenway and discovered the new bike box on 44th at Thackeray.

We saw the street painters this morning at Wallingford Avenue and over the course of the day, they covered a lot of ground.

I’m counting miles again this month as we’re participating in both the Group Health Commute Challenge (if you’re in Seattle and would like to join Team One Less Minivan, let me know) and the Endomondo National Bike Challenge.

Today’s miles: 14.7 miles
May cumulative: 14.7 miles

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