Only to Alki

I really wanted to attend West Seattle CoolMom’s Think Outside the Car event today and accompany West Seattle Spokespeople there from Lincoln Park. BUT that meant leaving the house at 7:30 to catch the 8:30 water taxi…which didn’t happen since our late night saw us all sleeping in until 7:15. I really should have packed up the night before (I say this every day!), but we eventually got out the door at 8:05. Too late for the water taxi, we took the long way around and I remember looking at the clock thinking, “Where will I be an hour and a half from now? Will I be all the way to Lincoln Park?” So I pedaled pedaled pedaled for that 90 minutes…thinking about trying to find my way uphill to the event alone…wondering if they’d have coffee at the event…thinking how nice it’d be to give up and have breakfast and COFFEE. So after 13 miles I called it and we stopped at Bamboo Bar and Grill at Alki Beach. We came here two years ago for brunch and really liked it and they’ve since added fish tanks! Containing real fish and toy dinosaurs!

The CoolMom event went until 2pm, but I wasn’t feeling up to tackling the hill so we stayed down at sea level. I’d brought balance bikes for the Cascade bike rodeo, but didn’t think to pack sand toys. There are no drug stores in Alki, which I hadn’t noticed before and is nice, but not so nice if one needs sand toys. Fortunately, we found Coastal and the day was saved. I picked up some pricey, but sturdy shovels and a big bucket that will make great additions to our sand toy stable.

After much beach play, we had our own bike rodeo which involved riding barefoot over sand and rocks and along the beach-front path.

I still love the novelty of riding separately. We didn’t get too far on six wheels, but once the little kid decided to play passenger, the big kid and I rolled two miles to the water taxi.

This was the Big Dummy’s first ride on the water taxi. It was too big to maneuver to the bike rack so they had me park by the galley. I was worried there might be a rule against big bikes on the water taxi (I hadn’t thought to check ahead of time), but they assured me it was OK–they just hope not too many show up at once.

The waterfront was packed, but the bike pathway on the east side of the street is closed for construction and the two car lanes have been cut down to one so I inched my way along the sidewalk. I got a “Nice steering!” from a pedicab so that felt pretty good, but I can’t wait for the trail to be back in business.

Alki was a little flat for the boys so we stopped at Gas Works Park on the way home. We swung by the Go Means Go going away party (Ryan fishes in Alaska all summer so he can spend the rest of the year doing bikey stuff in Seattle). My bike was the only one there with a kickstand, but the hipsters were intrigued by it.

It’s nice being at Gas Works on a Saturday–lately we’ve been coming on Sundays when the medieval battle crowd is there. It was so quiet without the cacophony of swords striking armor, and the boys were able to ride their balance bikes on the war-free rolling hills.

My bike wasn’t the most exciting party guest for long–someone showed up with the custom job in the above photo–it has a kickstand and is even longer than the Big Dummy. Ryan borrowed it to run it up the side of kite hill and careen down. The kids and I were a little more controlled about our descents, though I couldn’t manage the hairpin turns and also resorted to heading straight downward on the grass.

Today’s miles: 25.9 miles
April cumulative: 320.2 miles

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