Junk in the trunk

A new chapter in cargo loading: two balance bikes, large bag of food/clothing, and full set of beach toys. I couldn’t fit the sand toys on the side so I just bungeed them behind me. I can only find one of my bungee cords (the kids like to use them to create trains by linking trucks together), but one did the trick. Mr. Family Ride thinks we should build a little shelf behind the bike to perch loads like this on…a useful suggestion after his obligatory “That looks sketchy” and my obligatory eye roll.

We discovered seven blocks in a row of new Greenway sharrows! NE 44th Street from 1st Avenue N through Burke Avenue N is prettily painted.

The Greenway turns south at Burke and there’s a new directional sign:

The beach was a bit cold, but that just meant there was room in the parking lot for Mr. Family Ride to come out and join us later in the day. The balance bikes were used more in the sand than on the path and the little guy’s new bike basket carried its first load of wet sand. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

The boys opted to drive home in the car (“So we can see more stuff, faster!”) and I let Mr. Family Ride take the bag of sand toys, too. Even with the balance bikes on board (just 19 pounds total), I was able to take the short and steep route home. It’s still not fun, but it is quicker. On the way I saw the old Ballard Railroad engine in action so those boys in their fast car missed out.

Today’s miles: 14.9 miles
April cumulative: 335.1 miles

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