Neighborhood Greenway signs

I just read the exciting news about new Greenway sharrows on Wallyhood and today saw some Greenway signs. On 44th and Sunnyside:

And on Stone and 44th:

We played with friends at the Seattle Center and checked out the World Rhythm Festival for a while (and the International Fountain, and a cool indoor terrarium, and the Children’s Museum–phew!) and then decided to meet for dinner down the hill at Old Spaghetti Factory. I’m happy to report that bike beat car by at least ten minutes–and that included toddler laying on the ground (“Carry me!”) on the way to the bike, stopping to observe a moving freight train, and circling the building in search of a bike rack.

I didn’t find anywhere appropriate to lock up so I shackled the bike to a chain at the edge of the parking lot, in the buffer zone between two handicapped spots.

We didn’t use the new weather shield today. We compromised on going slightly faster downhill and on the way home, used my rain jacket as a blanket.

Today’s miles: 18.7 miles
April cumulative: 294.3 miles

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