Meet my Kozmopolitan

It’s hard to get out the door when there’s nowhere to go. The four-year old stayed home sick from preschool today so we hung around the house waiting to see what the weather would do. My one idea for today was to figure out a bike route to Mounger Pool in Magnolia since swim lesson sign ups are a few days away, but we didn’t make it out before the rain started and then it lingered all day long. Mr. Family Ride offered to stop work at five and take the kids out for a balance bike ride so I used the opportunity to take a ride myself and meet my 30 Days of Biking quota.

The timing was perfect because the clouds parted and the sun finally made an appearance–although an odd rain fell for a few minutes despite the clear skies. I needed AAA batteries for my new Bike Brightz (well, for the DVD player remote I stole batteries from) so I took the beach cruiser, a GT/Dyno Bikes Kustom Kruiser Kozmopolitan. Mr. Family Ride got it for me when we lived in San Diego where it was my primary bike and it’s not as useful here in hilly Seattle, but I just love this bike. And all the kid carrying has made me strong enough to ride it in Seattle. I really should clean it off and take it to the beach for a nice photo set, but in the meantime, here it is in its grimy splendor:

The RainMan triathlon results are out and my lack of training shows. This won’t be as descriptive as last year’s race report. How did I have the time and energy to write all that??

Swim – 15 minutes in the pool
2010: 17 laps
2011: 17 laps
2012: 17 laps
I think I could have snuck in one more lap, but I stopped when I saw everyone else stopped on the wall. Darn. Next year I push through to the buzzer. I happened to be the fastest swimmer in my heat so Mr. Family Ride annoyed everyone in the stands around him by saying, “Look boys, Mama’s crushing the competition! She’s dominating the field! Shout: Go, Mama, Go!”

Cycle – 30 minutes on a stationary trainer
2010: 5.35 miles
2011: 7.91 miles
2012: 7.30 miles
I’m disappointed I rode less than last year, but at least I remembered to put water bottles on my bike this year. I couldn’t keep track of my laps while swimming, but the bikes have a little computer next to them so if I’d gone in knowing the number to beat, I may have pushed it a little harder.

Run – 2.97 miles around Green Lake
2010: 34:16
2011: 35:51
2022: 33:47
I’m amazed I was able to run the whole lap around the lake. I had considered just walking, but I got out the door in time to join a group of three runners and I kept with them for most of the way. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. And next year I’ll remember to bring sunglasses.

I got my medal (everyone gets a medal) and my cup of Makeda Coffee, but that was all I got to see of the afterparty as we had to rush home with the sick toddler. Many areas to improve on for next year.

Today’s miles: 1.2 miles
April cumulative: 53.9 miles

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