Halloween bike box and bike lane

Happy Halloween! After last year’s old-school sharrow costume, my son wanted to be a new-school sharrow this Halloween. I couldn’t think of a good way to create a bicycle-and-chevrons-symbol costume so I talked him into bike lane guy instead. And we turned the green leotard and tights from a handed-down Super Why! costume into a bike box costume for his brother.

Photo courtesy Hub and Bespoke

No one could tell what the boys were dressed as (except for one neighbor who had seen the bike box picture on the Spokespeople Facebook page) and it didn’t help matters that they added wings to their costumes and the bike box also wanted a balloon attached to his helmet. Here are the real street markings in case you aren’t familiar with them:

I don’t know that the costumes are crafty enough to deserve more details, but here goes anyway…

The helmets are covered with half an old t-shirt each, sewn into place.

The bike box’s bike is cut from cardboard and sewn onto the leotard. I’m not much of a sewer–I tried to superglue it first!

I cut the circles for the bike lane’s wheels from thick cardboard and taped a wire hanger to them before gluing white paper over the ugly mess.

I made a little harness with part of the helmet t-shirt: part of the hem from the sleeve worked well to thread the hanger through and the collar fit under his other arm to hold things in place. The wheels flopped around a bit, but didn’t get in the way as much as the wings.

The bike lane held an arm out front and did a “flamingo leg” to look the part. Of course the bike box insisted on doing a flamingo leg each time his brother did, despite my suggesting he put his hands on his hips to look more box-like.

My dad is visiting so we haven’t been doing much biking. This afternoon we all took the bus to Fremont to see The Bubbleman at the statue of Lenin and trick or treat at the local businesses (including Hub and Bespoke and the Theo Chocolate factory). After a couple hours of that, we hoofed it past the Troll to catch the 16 to the Wallingford Center for Green Halloween. That didn’t last too long, but it was nice to get a warm indoor break before trick-or-treating the nine blocks home. That was by far the best part of the trick-or-treating and we met so many more neighbors tonight versus Neighborhood Night Out. The best house was the one that had candy for the kids and choice of vodka/tonic, red wine, white wine, or beer (IPA) for the grown ups.

Parts of the evening would have been easier on the bike–especially the half hour of waiting for the 16. The bike would have been convenient for carrying our stuff, but I had a stroller along which served to carry our increasingly heavy candy overflow bag.

Saturday’s miles: 0 miles
Sunday’s miles: 0 miles
Today’s miles: 9.1 miles
October cumulative: 212.4 miles
Days missed: 7

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