Dog food by bike

Today was the first day I purchased dog food by bike. Not too impressive since the 14.5-pound bag borrowed the seat of the 35-pound kid who was at preschool, but a first nonetheless. I’ve probably been slightly out of balance with cargo before, but I think if I’d had both kids with me and put the bag of food in one of my baskets, it would have been a bit awkward. Now I’m curious to see, so I’ll have to try that next time.

It’s been fun keeping track of mileage and days missed (October: 212.4 miles with 7 skipped days), but I think I’ll stop the tally for now. I should try to find a tool to keep track of things online and perhaps get a cyclometer. Some day.

3 thoughts on “Dog food by bike

  1. What brand of double kickstand do you use to balance both kids? I just got an M-Wave and it leaves a lot to be desired. It has a very low clearance when disengaged that I worry will strike speed bumps or road debris.

  2. On it’s edge, behind the not so little one’s seat and bungee’d to the outside of the baskets.

    A bungee net or three is also very helpful.

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