Final floating farmers market of the year

Yesterday resolved into a stunningly sunny day so we spent the afternoon aboard the Virginia V steamship for the final floating farmers market of the season. In exciting bike-related news, when I mentioned to Matt of Hart Coffee that his operation looked compact enough that he could manage as a bike-based business, he said it’s already on his radar and he’s currently looking for a bike trailer. Of course I tried to talk him into an Xtracycle, but he’s very attached to his road bike.

According to the FarmBoat blog, the construction in South Lake Union has kicked into high gear, cutting off access to the park. We really like SLU Park, but admittedly primarily in warm weather so we’re cool taking a break until May.

This morning was our coldest morning yet. We all wore gloves and extra layers. The boys didn’t complain about the cold at all so I think we’ll be fine through the winter. I have to admit I’m relieved preschool is on the Seattle Public Schools snow closure program so we won’t have to deal with riding on especially bad days.

Wednesday’s miles: 0 miles
Yesterday’s miles: 12.2 miles
Today’s miles: 0 miles
October cumulative: 203.3 miles
Days missed: 5

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