Northbound Dexter

I met bike touring family extraordinaire, Pedal Powered Family, today! They’re spending a few days in Seattle as part of their year-long adventure through North America. I didn’t get to see their bikes, but had a lovely ten-minute chat with them in the Children’s Museum. They’re amazingly nice and Heidi gamely answered all my cloth-diapers-on-the-road questions. I don’t know why, but I find the diapering aspect the most intriguing part of touring with toddlers. I’d love to take a multi-day bike trip with the kids and feel a bit unadventurous for having waited so long that diapers won’t be part of the equation.

I just had the front passenger along today–his big brother stayed home with a cold. That meant we could take a spin around the International Fountain, which felt quite fitting today given the gloomy weather. Bike Snob NYC called it “a fountain in their velodrome” when visiting Seattle in March. This was my first time riding inside the fountain and I declare it an absolute must for “To do in Seattle on bike” lists.

We took the new buffered Dexter bike lane home. It’s just as nice as the southbound lane we took a few days ago. Interestingly, there are no busty bike lane icons on this side of the street. Several of the symbols at the bottom of the hill are augmented in various ways, though.

Today was the first day I wore Mr. Family Ride’s Endura Luminite jacket. It handled the rain wonderfully and even though it’s much to big for me, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. I should have worn a thin long sleeved layer under it because the plasticky fabric made my arms sweaty. I think I’ll have many rainy days to fine tune my rain outfit.

Today’s miles: 9.6 miles
October cumulative: 178.0 miles
Days missed: 3

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