First kiddie pedal bike

I’m still planning to buy a quality kid bike at Bike Works with my $12 for $25 Google Offers coupon, but I couldn’t pass up the FREE BIKES message to the local moms group. There were no descriptions of the bikes so I rode over hoping for a blue one and found quite the opposite. I almost brought our bigger balance bike along for size comparision and probably should have–I initially put both pink bikes in my trailer. I felt greedy and put the big one back and got lucky–the little one is the perfect size if not the perfect color.

Since we’re still in balance bike territory and may stay here for qutie a while (“I just want bigger and bigger and bigger balance bikes. No pedals!”) I haven’t done any kid bike research. I noticed that this little bike doesn’t have hand brakes so I figured it had coaster brakes and might therefore be a bit hard to learn on. Turns out it has no brakes. By design. Doesn’t seem like the safest way to start biking. Maybe it’s supposed to have training wheels to control the speed. But we’ll give it a go as-is.

For the record, I’ve got nothing against princess bikes…though I think six leading ladies is more than necessary on one tiny bike. Most of our little friends have lovely pink sparkly bikes, we’ve just really got a blue thing (and a yellow thing with the little one) going over here. And it looks like my beach cruiser had a baby bike.

Today’s miles: 1 mile
October cumulative: 179.0 miles
Days missed: 3

2 thoughts on “First kiddie pedal bike

  1. We went through a few big box store type bikes (picked up for free or close to it) for the kids until we broke down and spent $100 on a slightly used Specialized Hot Rock. It made a world of difference. It’s a better designed bike so kiddo is in a comfortable/natural riding position. Once kiddo felt good on the bike she was ready to ride. The boy wants nothing to do with pedals. His plan is to go from a balance bike to skateboard.

    • Noted! I think Bike Works will have good quality rebuilt bikes…I need to get down there soon. Go skateboard! I sometimes see a skateboarder on the 34th St bike lane in Fremont so it seems it should work even better in less hilly P-town.

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