Octopus bike rack

The Seattle Aquarium’s octopus bike rack is back! It’s probably been accessible since shortly after our last visit, but we don’t make it down here very often. And since this was our first time locking up to the octopus, I hadn’t previously noticed the overhang. I had our seat-covering rain bags along, but it was nice not to have to use them. Thanks, aquarium!

We headed home through the Ballard Locks and stopped to watch a large barge enter the big lock. That was the exciting part of the return trip for the kids, but I was elated to run into Haulin’ Colin by the train yard. The bad news was all six of his black Rolling Jackass center stands are spoken for, but the good news is it will be six weeks or less before more are ready.

Colin was on his way back from Seattle Powder Coat, which was our next destination. It’s not the most kid-friendly place with colored metal pipes hanging at shortie eye level just asking to be clanged together. Fortunately it was just a quick visit to confirm the swatch I liked on my laptop looked the same in person. Otherwise I may have resorted to plopping the children in the big blue recycling cage to have a few minutes of quiet to study colors.

You may have guessed from the mentions of Haulin’ Colin and Seattle Powder Coat that I’ve got a new bike in the works. I don’t want to jinx things by saying anything more about it just yet, but it’s very exciting and as soon as it’s in my garage I’ll let the cat out of the bag.

Wednesday’s miles: 4.4 miles
Yesterday’s miles: 4.4 miles
Today’s miles: 16.7 miles
October cumulative: 168.4 miles
Days missed: 3

3 thoughts on “Octopus bike rack

  1. Ooooh new bike…… Is it going to be longer than the Milano? Maybe a three-wheeled cargo bike? Wait a SIDECAR???? A kid hauling cross bike? You need to start a new class of cross racing, the family bike category. what a sight watching team dismounts and re-mounts, bagel saving, water bottle hand-backs, mandatory glove retrieval.

    • Ha! Thanks to last year’s Fiets of Parenthood: Seattle, I am known as “the one who fell off her bike” so I’m the last person who should attempt family-bike cyclocross. I’d love to watch that, though!

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