Dexter buffered bike lane

If you like bike lane symbols with boobs, check out the southbound Dexter Avenue bike lane. I think one of them is visible in Seattle Bike Blog’s video of the new lane. I’d been on Dexter northbound once–before the new buffered lanes were painted on–but figured southbound was too steep. Turns out, it’s not. It doesn’t have the train track appeal of Westlake, but the kids were excited to be in a new bike lane. It’s not a divided bike lane, but the painted buffer zone is great, as are the traffic islands for the bus stops. I don’t think I’d ride it during commute hours when it’s crowded with faster bikes, but we’ll use it again.

Today’s destination was Pike Place Market, but we ended up all the way down at the waterfront (had to get some train track viewing in) so I cheated and took an elevator back up. This time I took the elevator on the side of the market parking garage. It didn’t go all the way up to the skybridge so I still had a block of slight climb up Western. I think I’ve hit every elevator other than the parking-garage-to-skybridge one, but that would probably be too crowded for comfort.

We took Westlake home, but we’ll check out the northbound buffered bike lane some day soon.

Today’s miles: 15.4 miles
October cumulative: 142.9 miles
Days missed: 3

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