Hat n’ Boots

I’m a sucker for oversized landmarks so when I discovered Oxbow Park on Monday, I couldn’t wait to get down there to check out the 22-foot-high cowboy boots and 44-foot-wide cowboy hat. We took it easy and biked to the Downtown Transit Tunnel and caught a bus most of the way there. The monstrous Americana was everything I’d hoped and next time perhaps we’ll bike all the way down.

On the bus back towards downtown, the boys caught sight of the King Street Station and suggested we get off there to see some trains. That led to a spin through Occidental Park where we watched Downtown Throwdown being setup. We’ll try to get down to see a bit of it tomorrow. On our way there we discovered Waterfall Garden Park which the boys thought was too cool, but I thought was rather funny: there was lots of seating and several groups of people in park, but it was SO LOUD I don’t see how anyone could enjoy the place.

We took the long way home through the locks and saw an airplane-fuselage-carrying freight train–one of our favorites. We hit up Dutch Bike Co (from here on out to be called “Dutch Bike Co Beeeenana”) for bananas. But even better, Travis caught sight of me and came running with an allen key to tighten various stuff up on my bike. It seems I’ve successfully demonstrated to him how incompetent I am.

While waiting for the bus north, I saw a tweet by Totcyle about the Hilliard’s Brewery grand opening featuring Skillet Street Food so we crashed the party. The can-shaped glasses (third picture down) were adorable, but I don’t know if the drinkers got to keep them; my root beer came in a small plastic cup. A four pack of cans came home with us (in my bag, not in the kid’s lap).

Yesterday’s miles: 4.2 miles
Today’s miles: 25.4 miles
October cumulative: 72.7 miles
Days missed: 1

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