Neighborhood Greenways

I finally made it to my first neighborhood greenways ride–in neighboring University District with the University Greenways group. (This video, Portland’s Bike Boulevards Become Neighborhood Greenways, explains neighborhood greenways.) We biked up bumpy, but quiet side streets and I got a nice feel for the U-District. I’m embarrassed to admit that my first time riding up The Ave was after the Safe Street Social Ride. What a vibrant neighborhood! And hardly uphill from home.

The kids and I thought this rain cover on Bob’s bike was so cool:

A few days ago on the bus a guy said my bike reminded him of the ones he’d seen in Japan, except they had umbrellas on them. Via On Our Own Two Wheels I found this great commercial for them:

Umbrellas make me nervous on foot so I’m not about to try one of these out, but they’re pretty cool! Except for the rear kid who gets soaked while mom and front kid stay dry, that is.

We didn’t stay for the after-party at Cafe Allegro and swung by Trader Joe’s on our way home instead. We saw the cutest be-tigered cruiser there. Is there anywhere else in this city with bikes as cool as those at the U-District Trader Joe’s?

In the afternoon we drove to a party at David Rodgers Park. We biked last time and I thought it was halfway up Queen Anne, but arriving from the south after an airport drop-off I realized it’s on Queen Anne. I can’t believe I got there by bike last time! Of course there was a lot of walking involved, but still. My friend who lives next to the park told me Florentia to 3rd is the easiest route so maybe I’ll try by bike again next time.

Yesterday’s miles: 0 miles
Today’s miles: 4.8 miles
October cumulative: 77.5 miles
Days missed: 2

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