Walk to School Day

We made it to Lake City without the car today. Happy International Walk to School Day to us! Not so impressive when you look at the numbers: bike 0.8 miles, bus 4.6 miles, then bike another 0.4 miles. I’m not sure it’s possible (for me) to bike all the way, given the hills and the busy streets, but I’m going to look into it. There was only one other bike on the bike rack today, but last week when the weather was better there were four (not including us–we drove).

We found a third bike parked in the dry zone under the eaves. It was a really cute Marushi. I’m sure the supercool art teacher rides it all the way from her SoDo loft.

After class we rode half a mile to Seattle Gymnastics Academy for open play and a major dose of Bike Trumps Car. The parking lot and surrounding street are closed to parking while they put in sidewalks so the already abysmal car parking situation was even worse. There’s no bike rack, but I’ve lately appreciated this as excuse to choose a dry spot to park and not feel guilty about it. I parked under the eaves near the front door while everyone else trudged several blocks in the drizzle.

On the way to the bus stop we passed the coolest bike rack at Kaffeeklatsch. I’ve been meaning to check the place out and now I can’t wait to park at the forkin’ awesome bike rack.

A second bike joined us on the bus bike rack home. This was the first time we haven’t had the rack to ourselves. We got off first so it made things that much easier upon exit, not having to close the rack. I’m sure it’ll happen one of these days, but I’m in no rush to experience being the second bike to the party and learn what it’s like to squeeze into the second slot from the street side.

Today’s miles: 4.7 miles
October cumulative: 43.1 miles
Days missed: 1

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