Solo road bike ride

I took my road bike to my haircut this afternoon…all by myself! I haven’t taken it out without the double trailer in quite a while. I felt so fast. I felt so anonymous. I still waved at a Ride the Ducks tour bus/boat at a red light, but otherwise I could have been any old bike rider. I’d considered bringing regular shoes along, but figured this is Seattle and even a hip hair salon doesn’t bat an eye at old ugly SPDs. Naturally, the first words out of my hair dresser’s mouth were “Do you always wear bike shoes?” Oops.

I squeezed in a couple quick bikey errands on the way home. First up I stopped by Second Ascent to get the boys some water bottles in hopes they’ll stop stealing mine. I was hoping to get Rabobank and Astana, but there wasn’t a big selection. Then I stopped by Dutch Bike Co. to pump up my tires…which I really should have done before leaving home, but I was running late. Even though I didn’t bend a rim on the way over, there’s a lesson to be learned here.

At DBC, Travis gave me a print copy of Momentum Magazine, the What Women Want issue, that has a picture of me on page 35.

In retrospect I should have taken the mamafiets because I met everyone at Wallingford Pizza House for dinner where I rode home in the drizzle and waited a half hour for everyone else to walk home at two-year-old pace.

Today’s miles: 8.6 miles
September cumulative: 109.8 miles
Days missed: 5

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