Lots of locks

I had a glimpse of our multi-bike future today when I had to use two locks to secure my bike, two balance bikes, and the trailer. I’ve lugged the trailer of balance bikes around quite a bit lately, but never somewhere I wouldn’t be close enough to the locked bike that I was worried about the trailer. This was also the first time the balance bikes stayed in the trailer at a first stop. I’m sure the Wallingford Wurst Festival isn’t a hotbed of crime, but it attracts a lot of people and I wouldn’t be within sight of my bike most of the time.

I got a couple impressed looks and comments on my way to the festival and felt the need to point out that the trailer didn’t contain kids number three and four, but simply tiny bikes. Not to belittle my accomplishment, but five people on/behind one bike is more of a feat than one person moving two people and three bikes.

All bounce housed out, I slowly unlocked my very secure bike and we headed to a bike-themed birthday party in the empty Green Lake wading pool. Little girl bikes are so cute! Here’s the birthday girl’s balance bike with her brand new basket and tassels.

Today’s miles: 5.6 miles
September cumulative: 101.2 miles
Days missed: 5

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