30 Days of Biking day 14: Spring? in Seattle

Goodbye, sunny San Diego. Hello, rainy Seattle. It was sunny while we were away and apparently the locals haven’t noticed the small preview of Spring is over: the bike rack at Whole Foods was packed. I usually have it to myself.

We started our day with the short bike ride to the doctor to get the sick kids looked at. I chose my midwife/ND because she was close enough to bike to. As it turns out, most everyone I know sees her, too, but I was brand new in town when I found her. Now that we’ve moved she’s slightly farther away, but she’s moving, too! To Wallingford/Fremont (Wallingmont?). Now if only I could get the dentist to move over here from Issaquah…

Daily distance: 3.5 miles
Cumulative: 118.4 miles

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