30 Days of Biking day 13: Bye bye beach

I only had time for a little ride this last morning at the beach. We met a friend for breakfast (at Kono’s, of course). She admired the Cabby and I have a feeling she’ll be a proud cargo bike owner before long. She currently crams her kindergartener and toddler into a double trailer and she’s been talking about Madsens for a while now.

I’m going the miss the Cabby! It has made this week so much fun. I don’t think I’d be able to manage one in Seattle, but it was perfect in the flat parts of San Diego. We drove to Balboa Park one day (and to and from the airport), but everything else was by bike. I still like that both boys are in front of me in the bin, but they sat so low that they couldn’t always see what I could see. It’s still much better than the car, in which they’re both rear facing.

Daily distance: 2.8 miles
Cumulative: 114.9 miles

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