30 Days of Biking day 15: Growing pains

Did a gazillion errands this morning, easily accomplished by bike: park, bakery, bike shop, craft store, drug store, grocery store.

My stop by Dutch Bike Co was to see if they could lengthen the shoulder straps on the rear Bobike seat. It appears we might be outgrowing our current setup. Weight-wise, they’re both fine in their seats so I’ll have to get creative with the short straps. I thought I had a year left to figure out what to do next, but that might not be the case. I’d like an Xtracycle or a trail-a-bike. Or both!

I attempted to ride up 7th Avenue from the Burke-Gilman Trail, but it didn’t go so well. A week away from the hills has left me a little soft and I had to walk two blocks.

In car news, the big kid turns four today and we flipped his car seat forward facing. The recommendation has just changed from rear facing for one year to two years, but I got a car seat with a high rear-facing weight limit (the Sunshine Kids Radian 80) so he could stay safely rear facing even longer. He’s still light enough to stay backwards, but we’ve just gone down to one car and the Radian is incredibly tall and my husband doesn’t fit in front of it. More reason to use the car as little as possible. I might still turn the seat backwards if I take the kids and car alone.

Daily distance: 9.7 miles
Cumulative: 128.1 miles

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