Bike-up fish ‘n chips

A fun day of biking into a public restroom and right up to the Ivar’s counter.

With our off-season CityPASS expiring soon, today seemed like a good day to take our one-hour Argosy harbor cruise. The sun was shining and we haven’t been on the gorgeous Elliott Bay Trail since before winter so we opted to take the bike rather than bus down. Plus the baby is still at that difficult-on-the-bus stage, but the bike’s a breeze.

After the fact, I discovered that Google Maps is finally again showing bike routing through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. One has to walk his/her bike through the locks so the break is understandable, but it’s very inconvenient for those of us with awful senses of direction and equally awful memories who need to refer to a route map. I took a wrong turn each way and had to back track a bit, but I’ll save a map before our next trip…though who knows if that’ll help–I’ve a very strong ability to get lost.

One thing I love about the locks is the huge automated door to the always-empty restrooms so I can just wheel the kids right in for a well-timed bathroom break. It’s probably not cool to bring bikes in a bathroom, but considering all the other signage around, I’m considering the lack of a “No bikes in the restroom” sign an open invitation. Perhaps I need a new, less clunky lock so I wouldn’t be so tempted to leave my bike unlocked and unattended for quick breaks like this.

I had to leave (and I locked) the bike for two minutes to run in and pick up our cruise tickets, but it was so worth having the bike along because rather than settling for fish ‘n chips from Steamer’s Seafood Cafe like everyone else, we zoomed down a couple piers to Ivar’s Acres of Clams. And I just walked the bike right up to the order window with the kids trapped (I mean, safely and quietly contained) in their bike seats.

The only downside of the day was that it turned super cold (by Southern Californian living in Seattle standards) on the way home and the boys got numb extremities and blue lips. So next ride I’ll better prepare for afternoon weather and try harder not to get lost and it’ll be perfect.

2 thoughts on “Bike-up fish ‘n chips

  1. What bike seats are you using on your Milano? They look quite comfy. And, my kids seem to be the same size as your two! I love seeing that other families are taking their kids by bike as much as possible! :)

    • These are Bobike brand–Bobike mini in the front and Bobike maxi in the back…but older models than their current stock. Another very good and also Dutch brand is Yepp which are even easier to fit on any brand of bike. If you are also in Seattle, Dutch Bike Co in Ballard carries them.

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