Unshoppping by bike

Better than shopping by bike, dropping off crap to sell by bike!

I still think riding uphill to the grocery store and then downhill back home with a full load (not that I’ve done a full grocery run by bike yet, mind you) is quite nice, but riding uphill with bags of baby clothing to drop off at the consignment shop and then riding home downhill with *only* the extra 70 pounds of kids/snacks/messenger bag is awesome.

On the way home I saw an Xtracycle parked at QFC–the only grocery store 100% uphill from home. I love my bike, but I gazed at it xtra longingly because I looked like a vagabond with bags of crap spilling out every possible spot. All that stuff would have been discreetly tucked away on an X.

In other exciting news, my kickstand is sporting new shoes! I don’t think they make it any easier to use…in fact it’s a little harder to get the kickstand to tuck in to the side, but they sure look good.

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