Capistrano Beach biking

Byeee Seattle snow. Hello land of beach cruisers. I don’t wanna go home.

Sun! While my husband is moving us from one house to another (Walk Score 65 to 89!) the boys and I and our respective BFFs escaped to Capistrano Beach. I’d never heard of the city before; we chose somewhere we could fly directly from Seattle and find a last-minute VRBO. The little boys all loved the proximity to the train tracks and I loved the bikey beach culture. The VRBO even had two beach cruisers, one with a Bell baby seat.

I haven’t been on my beach cruiser in a couple years and riding this Atlantic Coast Cruiser / Extreme Comfort Design bicycle made me miss it. I’ll have to drag it out and do some solo riding back home. Baby Rijder totally rocked the purple Disney fairies helmet. The VRBO also had a couple adult helmets, but California politely leaves the over-18 helmet decision in the hands (noggins?) of the rider so I did like the locals and went bare-headed. I saw plenty of helmeted road cyclists on the road, but we beach cruiser riders stuck to the path and adjoining parking lots.

I saw several people riding beach cruisers along the beach. I felt sorry for the bikes. Yeah, I parked my borrowed bike in the sand for a quick picture, but I don’t think it would have been happy with renter after renter riding it in the wet sand.

Inspired by the casual beach people, I went out our last morning for a ride in a skirt. First time. I didn’t want to pester the fancy Beach Road people to take a picture of me so I did the best I could with the camera aimed at myself and at reflective windows. It’s hard work! I need to find a tutorial on Photographing Oneself from a Moving Bicycle. These two shots are the best of many attempts and still feature a grimace and a cut-off baby.

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